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What makes DirectCarTrim dash kits better than a competitors product?

DirectCarTrim trim kit is manufactured with the highest quality of materials and processes. Our products using a Genuine Carbon Fiber material the Highest Grade Synthetic Wood Grains. All trim kits are custom made to order with your specific needs. 

In addition to our high quality materials, our polyurethane clear coat is the most durable in the industry. We use a 100% exterior polyurethane which will not discolor or crack due to heat or ultra-violet exposure. 

We use only 3M Primerless Acrylic Foam Tape. This means that when installing our product, there is no need for a surface promoter! Surface promoters are meant to prepare a plastic surface to chemically bond with an adhesive, effectively destroying the surface being covered by trim. Since our product requires no promoter, should your customer need to remove the interior trim for any reason, the surface beneath the trim will not be ruined and will simply need to be cleaned.